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Just so you know, this comic is deader than the vampires it contains. DEAD. We're clear? Sorry about that. It's going to be rewritten someday in the distant future... Or rather, torn to pieces and the bits I still like reused to form a better story. If that ever happens I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I'm leaving this comic here despite it being an eyesore to me, because... It pisses me off when artists delete all their old work that I want to nosy at.

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Half faced dude!!!

June 16th, 2008, 12:00 pm

Imma warning you now


... Now that I've got your attention...

Rsom is coming up. For those who don't know, this is Rising Stars of Manga. The rising part I think I've got down but the star bit's what I'm working on. So... After the next page I post... There will be hiatus for a month or two.

Dun dun DUNNN!!!

But yeah, this is hiatus for a reason... Not just cuz I'm a lazy ass. Once I've done my entry I'll be right back with you lovely people you~ And hopefully with better art to boot. A lot can happen in a month for me.

I'm posting this in thew news post before my announcement because otherwise I'll forget what I was gunna say...

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