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» Comics - Chapter 2 Page 19 - May 12th, 2008, 6:03 pm

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Author Comments:

H0lyhandgrenade, May 12th, 2008, 6:03 pm

Second time's a charm?
In the top panel she used the stuffed tiger approach of attack. He didn't stand a chance.

Sorry this one took some time. I drew it once, finished inking it... and didn't like it. So I scrapped it and completely changed it with this instead. Oddly, I liked this page up until the moment I'd done the finishing touches... But I'd be damned before I was doing it again. Best to move on.

Mm... I'm going back to handdrawn speedlines after this page. Just seem to have more feeling to 'em, I think.

Poor Bart thought he was gunna get through this relatively easily... The steady build up of blood suggests otherwise.

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User Comments:

kirbyboy102, May 12th, 2008, 6:08 pm

yay blood! This page seems blurry...

H0lyhandgrenade, May 12th, 2008, 6:12 pm

It might be because I enlarged it a lil' just before I'd done. Better a bit blurry than small, I suppose...

EDIT: Tried to fix it. Slight improvement.

xkrazydog, May 12th, 2008, 10:02 pm

This page... I have no idea what's going on >>;; or which way to read it. O wait... *slowly figuring it out... slowly*

Yahh... this page is weird =<

androgynousJONES, May 12th, 2008, 11:55 pm

Poor Barty~ -_-'

*Offers him a tissue for the blood* :D

suicidollxp, May 13th, 2008, 1:35 am

poor guy he always get beat up it's so sad

SuperHeroReject, May 13th, 2008, 8:06 am

"OK I get you're pissed about the window thing." XD

I love the expressions on this page! BEAUTIFUL

Fangurl, May 13th, 2008, 8:27 am

he looks bored and a little tired, how could he be tired he took a nap *shot repeatedly* cool i can see through myself *shot again*

Sien (Guest), May 13th, 2008, 11:52 am

I like the last two panels.
...Poor Bart. But he kinda had it coming.

xXCuddlyInfectionXx, May 13th, 2008, 3:47 pm

This is one of my favorite pages! You are so awesome in displaying emotion! *bows down*

Loonalily, May 13th, 2008, 4:01 pm

Her face...just looks so happy to finally get him it just cracks me up! I love how Bart just seems like he can't be bothered.

desertkitt, May 14th, 2008, 11:54 am

I love her pounce. It really is just like Hobbs, or one of my more evil cats!

Toot, May 14th, 2008, 12:27 pm

Uh Blood, this is almost like watching Elfen Lied!

Maybe you should just tone down on the speed lines, like maybe there's too many?

H0lyhandgrenade, May 14th, 2008, 12:31 pm

I'm quite inclined to agree about the speedlines. But particularly on this page... Lately I've been hand drawing them, and on this one I decided to use premade ones instead. They look bad and noticeable TwT wont be using them again.

I'll probly try to cut down a little.

As for the blood... Well, that's what this comic's about XD

Guest, May 14th, 2008, 6:26 pm

Bart always manages to amuse me in some way. It's great. xD

Lovova (Guest), May 19th, 2008, 6:12 am

Well worth the wait for the expressions ^_^ ha! What the girl lacks in inexperience she can now make up for in pure pissed offness. And I could read the page and figure out what was going on, but it took me a second and a head scratch before I got it. Still good though, can't wait for the next one!

LuluMoon, June 5th, 2008, 12:34 pm

Freaking love that first panel.

Levitating Bunny, September 28th, 2008, 1:43 am

Hee hee, that top panel makes me think of calvin and hobbes!

EllieMusica, June 8th, 2009, 2:57 pm

i cant see it D:

Dr-Fumbles-McStupid, August 31st, 2009, 11:11 pm

Image not working
Going through and re-reading your comic and the image on this page isn't showing up.

Lasse, October 14th, 2009, 12:10 am

no pic TT_TT

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