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The FAQ is opened... Now all we need is some questions.

Ask about anything you like to do with MtB. Whether it's something that doesn't make sense to you, or about how the comics made, or about the future, or Bart's favourite flavour crisps, whatever you like. I'll try get the answer up as soon as i can =3

Please send questions to my email address. I'll reply through email and add answers here.

Happy posting ^^

Question: Where is Kat?
Answer: Kat is in England, at university with her boyfriend. She'll be showing up more later in the comic; in chapter three, definitely.

Question: Boyfriend? So, Kat and Bart aren't together?
Answer: Indeed, Kat and Bart are not together. Nor have they ever been. Her age at this point in the comic is nineteen. The relationship between them is quite an odd one, something that'll be touched upon more throughout the comic.

Question: I was wondering how long it would take her (the vampire girl) to realize she needed to get out the sun.
Answer: The system of 'how to kill vampires' and the deal with the sun and everything I haven't delved into greatly yet, because I figured people would rather I just got on with the story rather than going through explantation. But basically, on any good day if she were to step out into the sun as a vampire, she'd be fine, as her skin has a natural resistance to it. But with the injuries she has, she has more to worry about. Because if you've got a great big hole in you, thats sorta a gateway past where all your defences against it are.

So in short, she'd realize she needed to get out of the sun at the point where she feels herself beginning to sizzle.

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